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living doll

Living Doll

- detects the gap between real women and women in fashion photography. By using photographs of fashion magazines and replacing the face of the model by the distorted face of a barbie doll, the absurd situation becomes obvious. The importance of the face as a signifier of the personal character of a person is lost. Fashion photography influences our vision of life as a woman as well as being objects of dreams created mainly by men and the fashion industry and shaped our understanding of being a woman to be gazed at during the history of photography and advertisement. Created in the year 2001.


wunschloses unglueck

Wunschloses Unglück

Perfectly happy misfortune - these pictures are made in winter 2002. I walked over the fields of the area close to the living place of the author Peter Handke's childhood and was blinded by the white snow on the dark earth which made a great graphic structure in the nature. The synopsis of work to the book 'Wunschloses Unglück' which is written by Peter Handke is not only connected to the real place but also an interpretation of the pictures. It is a story about a woman, having no chance for individuality, bound to this local rural society and to be doomed to failure at these circumstances. Obvious is also the relation and influence of text to a picture and the other way round for the viewer.


weeping willow

Weeping Willow

- a tree study which has been photographed in the year 2002.
It is a graphic study of the tree and the pictures have been used for different works.
First these pictures have been used for the flash animation "Weeping Willow". >>
Second the pictures have been in an exhibition 2004 as a window installation. >>
Third these pictures are in another flash animation, dedicated to my brother Martin, for the virtual Museu do Essencial e do Além Disso / Museum of the Essential and Beyond That, curated by Regina Celia Pinto in 2005. >>
Last these pictures have been in the exhibition of baum.welt4 at the City Church of Hildesheim, Germany, 2006, as a hanging by 0,70 m X 3 m. >>


private osterweiterung

[private] Osterweiterung

[private] opening of the east - this project is the result of a journey to Turnov, a city close to Prague (CZ) in the year 2002. I was surprised by the strange language and used the text which I found at the streets for covering my own face. As I knew later, the text at the pictures is reffering to women in its symbolic deeper meaning. The pictures are created by analog photography and have been worked out in the darkroom by using two negatives as a sandwich montage.



Ales Z. 2003
portrait series

Femininity and masquerade create an artificial digital face inbetween sex and gender.
The face is a surface for colour and the boundaries between photography and painting are vanished.
Suddenly the former beautiful face turns into a passive alien.

50 X 60 cm digital c-print on aluminium



siegrid tanzt

Siegrid tanzt

Siegrid Dancing - this is a movement story and a movement study by capturing the vanishing body into a picture.
It is also an experiment of how far it is possible to go into photographic abstraction.
Siegrid Dancing - stands for liberation of women, struggle, fight and freedom.

The series of the year 2003 consists of about 100 pictures, some you can see here.


christmas in sredisce

Christmas in Sredisce

This series of black and white photographs is dated back to Christmas 2004 during my residency at the Art Center Slovenia in Sredisce, Prekmurje. Sredisce means Center. The catalogue "Christmas in Sredisce" documents the entire series of photographs. It is a classic black and white photo story describing my impression of the place and the abandoned area like in former times. Filled with loneliness, peace and time to think.

Catalogue >>





- a photographic survey on local women living around the area of the Art Center Slovenija in Prekmurje and their awareness of the body. The female relation to the body has been influenced by alterations of the society during history and the social environment wherein women are living. Through photographs and text, this artistic exploration narrates personal experienced histories and relations to the body of women of different age, all having an unequal experience of life and therefore also of their body.
Why do we have a body ? What does it mean to us ? What can we tell about it ?
Women and their body - a photographic survey 2005.



2D Mutant Zombies

2D Mutant Zombies

- a project work of the new media workshop at the
International Summer Art School of the University of Arts in Belgrade. The workshop has been held by Dejan Grba in Pirot, Serbia, summer 2006.
2D Mutant Zombies (Low-Key Low-Tech Identity Mapping) workshop explored the issues of identity and its cultural instrumentalization. It used a low-key morphing method that is considered low-tech in the digital domain. The workshop’s methodology can be defined as the algorithmic art of small differences. It explores the eventuality of individual artistic differences (“specificity”, “character” or “identity”) that are expressed through creative effort within a precisely defined and limited formal system. (Dejan Grba)

Find out more about the project at the project website >>
Catalogue 2D Mutant Zombies accompanied with a text by Misko Suvakovic >>
Images >>



Woman With Red Hat
Photo Series in 2007.

The red hat of a woman in the bus gave an intriguing perspective
and provided a wonderful frame for the sight.




Boat Series
Boat Series 2007.

Following a boat with the camera.
It's always easy to get a seat on a party boat.
Series dedicated to Christopher Borkowski.


Diptychon Series 2007      

_free #01
_free #02

_untitled #01
_untitled #02
_untitled #03


_light #01 #02
_light #03 #04
_light #04 #05


Ordinary Life
Selection of photographs 2009.

I've found eight personal photo albums in the waste paper box at my house. Since I cannot throw away photographs, I considered to keep them and made a personal selection of the most interesting photographs to create a life memory of an unknown, as a life portrait of and by a stranger.
Some photographs were interesting to select because of its photographic point of view, some because of its social documentary aspect, and some I chose because of its repetition of image content.

Some of the photographs can be seen here >>



Unconscious Structures
Photo Series in 2011.

This photo series describes the infinite structures of the unconscious and unconsciousness. In an abtract form, where the black background leads into infinity, the strings and threads describe processes which are not possible to conceive as such. The entire series is open for interpretations of both artificial and elemental internal proceedings within beings.




Growing Wall
Photo Series in 2011.




Plant Structures
Photo Series in 2011.




Abject Place
Photographic poetry as textual structure evolving from nowhere.
Photo Series in 2011.

This series deals with Julia Kristeva's theory of abjection considered in a photographic relation.

Catalogue >>
Images >>



City of Ghost
This photo portrait depicts the City Jesenice in Northern Slovenia. As a former political important strategic city of the Habsburg and later Tito's regime, Jesenice is now abandoned and like a slum in the Alps. Jesenice was an important producer for weapons of historical former large countries and a steel worker city beneath an iron ore miner's city. Since the countries fell political apart and underwent different economic-sociological changes within a short period of time, this series describes the architecture of a place where residents still live in former socialist structures. The architecture is recently meant to be changed through colorful rainbow painting. But nevertheless, post-socialist Jesenice provides a visible clash embedded in the middle of Europe's politics and just in a few car journey minutes distance from Austria and Italy.
Photo Series in 2011.

Catalogue >>



Lost Embryo
Collaborative Contributions in 2012.

A collaborative project to experiences of a miscarriage or missed abortion with contributions by Nancy Gerber, Karen Keifer-Boyd, Margarida Paiva, and Evelin Stermitz. The project consist of essays, poems, video, photographs, and a medical annotation. As reflections on the female issue of natural early embryo loss that occurs quite often in our society, but is neglected, silenced, non-public, and dominated by a male medical discourse, the artistic contributions offer involvements from female perspectives.
The project has been curated by Evelin Stermitz.
A catalogue collects the artistic material and consists of 40 pages. (Catalogue on Demand)



Trash Photos
Photo Series in 2013.

On the aesthetics of trash.



Photo Series in 2013/2014.

Homeless people on the streets of New York City.



Photo Series in 2015/2016.

Photographs of the tree in front of my studio window throughout one year with its changing seasons.
Sometimes I feel like living in a tree house or jungle… It is wonderful to view away from the computer screen into always changing nature, what a treasure in a usually grey city!